Create Money from your website/blog
Obeus pay for per click. The minimum payout is only $1
You can cash out your earnings to paypal, alertpay,libertyreserve etc.................
The Great PPC program.
Why obeus is different from others?
First of all, we follow the open and tolerant policy. We don't hide any rates and tax, every user can access this information.

Secondly, we are not going to define high minimal CPC. We believe that users are able to find the golden mean themselves. So, you can even try to advertise your website for few cents per click.

Thirdly, we tried to extremely simplify the registration process so it won't take you a lot of time.

Fourthly, we are going to support a lot of electronic payment systems. We don't want to get stuck on just credit card payments. For now PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, AlertPay, Libertyreserve, e-Gold support is integrated, but we are working on adding other popular systems.

Fifthly, each site that doesn't break the law and has no contradictions with human moral values can join No minimal daily visitors limit is introduced.

We are planning to improve services constantly. We have a lot of interesting ideas, that - we hope - one by one will be realized in the nearest future.

The combination of all factors listed above allows us to expect great demand for this service.

Obeus is very good for Bloggers and newebs. You can earn good money from your Blog or website. The main thing is minimum payout, and which is very low, so you can reach to $1 at any time.

Earn $$ and get paid every day. That is way obeus is the Best PPC

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